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Briefing # 1  —  TEAM MEMBERS  (Crazy Cyclists 🙂  )

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While many local cycle enthusiasts join us on day trips, our permanent team of riders on this tour consist of 7 cyclists…



Murat Suyabatmaz is our group leader.  He is a previous professional cyclist and the current leader of the Cyclist Association (Bisikletliler Dernegi) of Turkey with 100 thousand followers on Facebook.   He is a consummate advocate of cycling and a great resource person for municipalities and organizations that are interested in improving cycling opportunities and infrastructure in Turkey.  Murat has provided our group with logistic support including motel reservations, traffic and security arrangements, route planning, and public relations (with journalists and mayors).  He is also our on-board expert for bike repairs and photography.







Bulent Ender and Cemal Unal are friends and U.S.A. project leaders on behalf of Bridge to Turkiye.  They enjoy outdoor activities in North Carolina and have been training for 3 months for this cycling trip.  They’ve also been involved in fundraising for this tour since the beginning of the year, over $13,000 and counting…  Bulent is one of the founders and current Chairman of BTF, while Cemal is a past BTF director who led the Fatsa Girls Dorm project.






Nihat Cubukcu is a Trabzon native and lives with his family in Raleigh, North Carolina.  He is an avid cyclist, and has been enjoying this trip in the comfort of his high end BMW road bike.  Nihat is also the current president of American Turkish Association of North Carolina (ATA-NC)


Timur and Kenan Ender are our youngest riders with extensive experience in long distance cycling in the U.S.A.  Both have driven across the US from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific, with Bike & Build during their summer vacations.  Timur is also a cycling advocate and has special interest in clean transportation (just like Murat).  Kenan is our resource person for the organizing our gear and maintaining our expense log during this trip.





Aytac Kar, is a local rider from Giresun.   He is an avid outdoor sportsmen that enjoys scuba diving, and cycling.  He is active in charitable causes that support the handicapped and the young.




Our van driver is Mazhar Akın, who works for Bakirkoy Belediyesi (Municipality).  He is a personable individual that has provided us with laughter and insight about the local area and customs (Mazhar grew up in central Black Sea region of Turkey).



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Bridge to Türkiye Fund (BTF) was established in 2003 by community minded Turkish Americans (Turks4Good) driven to make a difference, to improve life and to cultivate social change for the common good. Our circle of compassion promotes respect and fellowship for humankind in the communities we serve. Turks4Good commitment to these ideals stems from our basic desire to give back to our native land for the many opportunities we have gained from her. We invite you to also contribute to the welfare of less fortunate children in Turkey.

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