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Hopa to Hope Bike4Kids: Trabzon-Ordu-Samsun

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lBlog Post:  Trabzon-Ordu-Samsun 

We began the day in Trabzon.  One of our young riders, Timur, developed a stomach illness overnight and required temporary medical attention at the Emergency Room for hydration.  We proceeded to Gorele in the late morning and arrived lunch time to meet with the Mayor of the town in his office.  Upon brief conversation, exchange of gifts and a photo session, we were treated to Pide (Turkish pizza).   We proceeded in the afternoon to the coastal town of Giresun —- Hazelnut capital of the World.   In the entrance of the city we were greeted by a group of 15 local cyclist that joined us for the final 10 kilometers of our journey to the city center.  We were once again greeted by the Mayor and had the usual pleasantries and photo session and exchanged gifts (which included bags of Hazelnut).  After a short press conference elaborating on our charity (BTF), current bicycle journey and the importance of cycling in Turkey, we had iftar at our hotel on a hill in the outskirts of Giresun.


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Wednesday (July 9, 2014) was sponsored by Rotary Clubs of Ordu and Unye.  We were joined by two local cyclists in our way to Bulanca, where we were greeted by an additional 3 University students for a short trip to the harbor for tea and conversation.The coastline was stunning with the mountain ranges on our left and the Black Sea on our right.  Cycling further east we saw the construction of the new Ordu-Giresun aiport being constructed on the Black Sea (on water).  We were greeted in the town of Ordu by the local Rotary Club and treated to a brief reception and a superb lunch.  After a short rest in the hotel lobby we proceeded to cycle along the coastal region of Bolaman (Fatsa) with a hilly coastline.
The bike climbs were challanging but the downhill ride was exhilirating.  We had an opportunity to stop at a local pickle store (121 types) for sampling and a police station for a tea break.  In the evening we were greeted at our boutique beach hotel in Unye by a small group of Rotary members who joined us for dinner and provided for the expense of our hotel.  Throughout our trip we’ve been escorted by local police vehicles and felt secure on the roadways.  Our trip today was 125 km lasting a total of ten hours (of which nearly 6 hours was spent on the bike).  We are all doing well and enjoy the company and support of local cyclists.


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