BTF Wildfires relief fund

If you are unable to donate to Merve Sabuncuoğlu’s Facebook Initiative with BTF partners in Turkey, please use this BTF Donation Link to make your online donation for Turkish Wildfires Relief Fund…BTF Friends of Ahbap Platform is working with Haluk Levent and his Ahbap Team to assess the Field Needs in Turkey…  All Individual,  Team, Group and Organizational Funds raised for this Cause will be sent to Grantees in Turkey as a Restricted Grant to be used for this specific purpose, in line with BTF’s Mission…

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Ahbap Iyi Edenler

9 ay boyunca 43 üniversite öğrencisiyle 17 ilk ve orta okul öğrencisine burs desteği sağlayan Bridge to Turkiye Fund‘a teşekkür ederiz. #iyiedenler

Ramazan Bayramı


Our mission has always been to support students on their path to learning and educational growth, and each Bayram, we are thrilled