Get to know Bridge to Türkiye Fund

At Bridge to Türkiye Fund, we connect communities worldwide for a brighter Türkiye— transforming goodwill into sustainable and impactful programs that improve lives.

A culture of giving and civic involvement is a part of our heritage. Bridge to Türkiye Fund (BTF) was established in 2003 by a few like-minded Turkish-Americans and friends of Türkiye with the simple desire to give back. It is founded on citizen-based, democratic and secular principles and encourages all to contribute to the welfare of less fortunate children and youth in Türkiye.

Our goal is to be the bridge that connects brilliant ideas with philanthropic resources. BTF’s trusted and collaborative platform is designed to enable social entrepreneurs to flourish and transform their ideas into reality. We maintain a portfolio of carefully vetted Turkish NGOs and localized projects to accomplish this goal. This makes it possible for BTF’s donors to support impactful causes simply and safely from abroad.

Based in the Triangle area of North Carolina, BTF grew all across the US over two decades, with over 20 regional giving circles, and today has individual donors and supporting communities in all parts of the globe.

Our focus areas include education, the health and wellbeing of youth, environmental and natural life conservation, and disaster management.

Our shared vision is to unite friends of Türkiye and give back as a community. It is an organized attempt to leverage individual diaspora resources who believe in the power of investing together for education and building better futures for disadvantaged youth in Türkiye.