Bengisu, the first Turkish woman who swam across the English Channel in the shortest time in 2018, will be in the USA on September 5, 2022. This time, her goal is Catalina Channel, the second of the seven most challenging channels in the world.

Our champion aims to land off the Long Beach of Los Angeles by swimming across the cold waters and current-filled Santa Catalina, a target of around 20 nautical miles.Her goal is more meaningful than ever as she dedicates her attempt on behalf of children in Koruncuk Village! Read her inspiring letter below:

My name is Bengisu Avcı Erdogan.

I am an ultra marathon swimmer. I took part in the Turkish National Team in open water swimming. I set a goal to be the first Turkish Women to complete the Ocean 7.

In 2018, I won a title of being the fastest Turkish woman across English Channel from England to France.
I have a new challenge now, I want to be the first Turkish Female Swimmer to swim the Catalina Channel (about 34 km long), one of the most challenging channels in the world, on September 5, 2022.

I have full faith that I will succeed, that I will fly our flag in United States of America as a Turkish woman in the footsteps of Atatürk!
I want to achieve this goal for a very meaningful purpose; to throw my strokes for the girls supported by the Koruncuk Foundation. I would like to increase the goodness with you, knowing that your hearts will be with me on this path as we try to set out to show how great things can be accomplished when girls are supported.
I have started a campaign and let’s touch the lives of our Koruncuk’s together with your donations.

Thanks in advance to everyone who supports me.