Cinema4aCause 2024: Feyza’s Kitchen

January 10, 2024

Cinema4aCause proudly returns in 2024 after a four-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our latest feature, “Feyza’nın Mutfağı” (Feyza’s Kitchen), is a documentary that highlights a unique local initiative in the charming seaside town of Çeşme, one of Türkiye’s top holiday destinations.

Watch the teaser here to catch a glimpse of the film.

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Synopsis: Feyza’s Kitchen

Set against the backdrop of Türkiye’s beautiful Aegan region, this documentary delves into the story behind the Academy of Gastronomy – an innovative educational institution established under the auspices of Ege University’s Faculty of Tourism in Çeşme. Brought to life with the joint support of Bridge to Türkiye Fund and Shipley Foundation, the Academy boasts a new model of local development, which opens the university’s door to the public. This bold initiative enables locals of all levels of education to excel in culinary arts and equip themselves with the necessary skills to thrive in Türkiye’s booming tourism industry.

The documentary’s scope extends beyond culinary arts, exploring Çeşme’s vibrant but often overlooked agricultural heritage. In a region where urbanization is rapidly changing the town’s landscape, Feyza’s Kitchen highlights Çeşme’s neglected potential and the remarkable impact of community involvement. The academy also plays a vital role in supporting the Çeşme Agricultural Development Cooperative, creating a market for local products,and aiding in the birth of new agricultural brands.


About the director

Jale İncekol was born in İstanbul in 1970. She graduated from Ege University, School of Journalism and Broadcasting in 1990. Her film making career spans over 25 years in the TV industry working in various roles for the production and direction of numerous TV series in Turkey. For the last 10 years, her career has focused on directing roles for various episodes of four television series: Zalim ( Star TV/ 2003 ), Senden Başka ( Atv / 2007), Kavak Yelleri ( Kanal D / 2006–2010 ), Yağmurdan Kaçarken ( ATV — 2013 ); and two documentaries: Müzikli Bir Hikaye (2017), Umutlu Bir Hikaye (2018), and Bu İşte bir Umut Var (2020).

Special mention at the Boston Turkish Film Festival

Exciting news: Feyza’s Kitchen has been honored with a special mention at the 22nd Boston Turkish Film Festival in 2023. This recognition is a testament to the film’s poignant storytelling and its vivid portrayal of a unique local development project in Türkiye.

Set against the backdrop of one of the country’s most beloved natural landscapes, Feyza’s Kitchen weaves a narrative that underscores the power of culinary arts and agriculture in cultivating social capital in Türkiye’s rural regions. This award from the Boston Turkish Film Festival is a celebration of all the values and vision that Feyza’s Kitchen so beautifully embodies.


Screening schedule and locations

The 2024 edition of Cinema4aCause is set to commence in Chicago with the much-anticipated premiere of Feyza’s Kitchen on March 8th, coinciding with International Women’s Day. Grab your spot by clicking here and ensuring you don’t miss out on the conversation!

For more Cinema4aCause screenings near you, stay updated by keeping an eye on the schedule below:

🇺🇸  Chicago, IL  March 8, 2024 Davis Theatre
🇺🇸  Boston ,MA  March 8, 2024 Turkish Consulate
🇺🇸  Pittsburgh, IL  March 9, 2024 400 McKnight Park Dr
🇧🇴  La Paz, Bolivia   March 18,2024 Embassy of Republic Turkiye
🇺🇸  Washington, DC  March 22, 2024 Turkish Embassy
🇺🇸  Portland, OR   March 24, 2024   Eleete Real Estate
🇺🇸  New York City, NY  April 2, 2024  Fordham University, McNally Auditorium
🇺🇸  Naples, FL   April 5, 2024 Family Event 
🇦🇺  Sydney, Australia  April 7, 2024  Community Center
🇺🇸  Wixom, MI  April 12, 2014  TACAM 
🇺🇸  Chapel Hill, NC  April 13, 2024  Sancar Turkish Cultural & Community Center
🇺🇸   Stanford, CA  April 14, 2024   Stanford University
🇺🇸  Cincinnati , OH  19 April, 2024
 Blue Ash Recreation Center, Ohio 
🇺🇸  Minneapolis, MN  28 April, 2024   Coffman Memorial Union, Mississippi Room
🇺🇸   Austin, TX   3 May, 2024   St Edward’s University
🇺🇸   Houston, TX  4 May, 2024   METU / ATA 
🇺🇸   Dallas, TX  5 May, 2024  TURANT and ATA SW
🇺🇸   Los Angeles, LA  30 May, 2024  LA Turkish Consulate 
🇺🇸  Wisconsin, WI   30 Aug, 2024   Brookfield Public Library
🇺🇸   San Diego, CA  TBA  
🇳🇱   Amsterdam, Netherlands  TBA  
🇫🇷   Paris, France  TBA  
🇦🇪   Dubai, UAE  TBA  
🇺🇸  Saint Paul, MN   TBA  

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