Most frequent questions and answers
What is Bridge to Türkiye Fund ?

Bridge to Türkiye Fund (BTF) is a grassroots philanthropic bridge between the United States and Turkey, organized for charitable purposes, to serve the socioeconomically disadvantaged segments of Turkish Society, specifically Turkish Children in need of Education and Healthcare. BTF is run by volunteers.

Where is BTF located?

Bridge to Türkiye Fund is based in North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Greensboro, Charlotte, and Wilmington.) BTF also has regional representation in Washington, D.C. (including Northern Virginia and Maryland), New Jersey, New York, Chicago, Orange County-LA, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Boston and Atlanta. To join our team or to learn more about BTF and our ideals, please feel free to contact us.

How can I help BTF besides making donations?

Bridge to Türkiye Fund is a 100% volunteer-run non-profit organization dedicated to building international capacity and volunteering for needy children in Türkiye. Volunteering for an organization that serves your community is an excellent way to utilize your skills and dedicate time to an issue of interest to you. Please consider joining the BTF Family as a volunteer on one of our Committees, Youth Programs, or Regional Giving Circles to strengthen the Turkish-American community and reconnect with your roots.

Is my donation to Bridge to Türkiye Fund tax-deductible?

Yes, BTF is a USA-based non-profit organization with 501 (c)(3) status. And donations to the BTF are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by U.S. law. BTF’s EIN is 58-2678580. BTF is United Nations Accredited NGO. 

Can I make monthly, automatic donations to BTF?

Yes, you can. Monthly donations are easy.

    • Use our secure donation page to join the benefactors who aim to set equal opportunities for underserved students in Türkiye
How can I update my existing payment information?

Bridge to Turkiye Fund (BTF) appreciates your ongoing support and commitment to our cause.  To make changes to your recurring donations, please visit our Donate Now page and enter your new payment information from the monthly donation option. When your new recurring donation is activated in our system, we will make the necessary adjustments to delete your previous payment information.

How can I contact BTF ?

Bridge to Türkiye

1609 E Franklin Street 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Phone:   (919) 240 7077
How does BTF work ?

Bridge to Türkiye Fund raises funds to provide philanthropic and humanitarian assistance for Children’s Education and Healthcare programs that are designed and carried out by volunteers from all walks of life.

How can I make a donation ?

Donations to the BTF can be made using credit cards through PayPal, AmEx Members Give, Network for Good and Personal Checks written to BTF.   Please visit our Donate Now page.

Will I receive verification of my donations for tax purposes?

Yes, you will. You get your first receipt instantly when you donate, and when your fund is pooled in BTF’s account, you get another as an acknowledgment letter. Both are suitable to be offered for tax purposes. Also, we can provide you with an annual donation report upon your request for your tax purposes.

Why should I donate monthly?

Monthly giving to Bridge to Türkiye Fund is the best way to invest in Türkiye’s future. When you commit a monthly donation, your fund is directed to a college student as a monthly scholarship, or you contribute to educational 4Kids kits. It’s the most effective way you can support our efforts to minimize inequality among students in Türkiye.

What if I need to stop giving? Can I stop whenever I want?

Yes, email us at info@bridgetoturkiye.org. Also, if you donated from our new donation platform (i.e., Give Lively) in the first place, you can create a personal account there and manage your monthly payments. You can stop them or make any changes regarding the amount you contribute anytime you want.