BTF Giving Circles

One Person can only do so much!
A Giving Circle can harness much more…
(Bir elin nesi var?   Bir çok elin sesi var!)

GivingCircle2Giving Circles or Fundraising as a Team is an exciting alternative to individual donations, offering our supporters and their friends the opportunity to raise funds together with BTF, while having fun and spreading the word to others.

Giving Circle members pool their charitable dollars into a tax deductible fund with BTF, and decide as a group which projects and programs to support. BTF’s Giving Circles vary in structure, size and charitable focus. Some giving circles are very informal, nothing more than a group of friends who meet in each others’ homes to discuss and decide on where their funds will go.  Other giving circles have many members that comprise a regional community.

You can find the list of our circles here…

Your leadership will make a difference!
Our Giving Circle Leaders help us with our programs and act as our representatives within their group. If there is no BTF Circle in your area and you are interested in starting one, please contact us at
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Bridge to Türkiye Fund (BTF) was established in 2003 by community minded Turkish Americans (Turks4Good) driven to make a difference, to improve life and to cultivate social change for the common good. Our circle of compassion promotes respect and fellowship for humankind in the communities we serve. Turks4Good commitment to these ideals stems from our basic desire to give back to our native land for the many opportunities we have gained from her. We invite you to also contribute to the welfare of less fortunate children in Turkey.

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