About Eymir Culture Foundation

Established by METU alumni to help improve education and culture, ECF aims to create long-term impact with sustainable projects. From its foundation in 1986 to our day, ECF has implemented several large-scale projects around Turkey; especially following destruction after natural disasters.

The Foundation has organized a considerable amount of educational, cultural and art activities and contributed on moral and material terms, to students, academicians, researchers, entrepreneurs, educators and trainers from several fields to improve education, healthcare and social welfare.

ECF’s projects and important achievements up to now:

  • 1986 – Present: Scholarships

In collaboration with ODTUMIST – Istanbul METU Alumni Association, the Foundation granted scholarships to 17.506 students up-to-date. 400 of the students are from the recent earthquake region

  • 1999: Değirmendere-Kocaeli Baraka Kent Project

In the wake of the 1999 earthquake, our Foundation and alumni joined forces to support the people of the Kocaeli region. After completing the technical work with the support of our volunteers, we realized the construction and delivery of the emergency shelter with the symbolic name “Baraka Kent” thanks to the support of our donors. In addition to the 440 earthquake houses we built in Kocaeli and Değirmendere; we offered 3 social facilities, 1 cultural center, a playground, and a sports facility to the service of the people of the region.


We have also implemented campus management, social and psychological support, maternal and child health services, kindergarten, and vocational training activities with the endless support of our volunteers.

  • 2000: Habitat Award

 With our METU İzmit and Değirmendere Earthquake Settlements project, we were honored with the United Nations Habitat Award in 2000.

  • 2011: Van Yüzüncü Yıl University Support Project

After the 2011 earthquake, we set out to support the return to education at Van Yüzüncü Yıl University campus with the “METU in VAN” campaign. Within a year, we delivered a learning unit for 500 students and a modern girls’ dormitory for 192 students to the university administration.

Besides supporting students at METU by means of scholarship, mentoring and other social aspects, ECF shall continue to support education and shall at any rate reserve a minimum of eighty percent (80%) of its income for such educational services throughout Turkey according to its articles of foundation.