We are BTF Friends of İLKYAR.   We have been collaborating with İLKYAR since 2003 to support their many projects for Rural School Children.    This year, İLKYAR is raising funds for a new and exciting initiative: İLKYAR Science and Arts Village. 

You, too, can support İLKYAR and their new Project or any of their other Programs by donating from our secure payment on this page. 

All donations to İLKYAR are matched one to one till the end of the year.  A copy of your online donation will be sent to İLKYAR Coordinators. 


We have a dream of a village ‘ which is not far away and not a village we don’t visit, but a village which is near and which we are always there and also open to everyone.

  • A ‘village of science’, a ‘village of education’ and a ‘village of arts’ which is a pride of Turkey
  • For whom? It is for everyone who wants to learn, to produce, to participate and to contribute whatever the age is.
  • A VILLAGE OF SCIENCE AND ARTS where there are children playing, climbing trees, and who are smeared with mud and not afraid of getting dirty, and also where there are classes, laboratories, seminar rooms, a library, workshop studios, where children and young people in elementary schools and universities, regardless of age can participate.



We have a dream of a village ‘ which is not far away and not a village we don’t visit, but a village which is near and which we are always there and also open to everyone.

We started off as a small 2 men army offering dedicated plumbing solutions in the neighborhood. This then expanded into a larger team offering a wider range of services at affordable prices. Whether it’s repair or replacement, we make sure it’s done well.

  • Our aim is to keep this school open all year round and hence establish a village of science and arts not only for 7th grade students but for all young people and adults. We have almost come to the end for our search to find a piece of land to establish this school, which will be near Ankara.
  • Our aim is, in summer students and teachers coming to our Summer Science School and in the winter students who have entered the university but can’t find a place to live will be staying in our dormitories in Ankara. Students coming to our Summer Science School will also have a chance to visit some parts of Ankara. In addition they will participate in some activities at some universities which will help raise their targets.
  • What for? To get children and young people love science, reading, learning and producing. And also have them to be curious all the time. For a better future, to support them to stand on their own feet, to provide assistance for anyone who wants to inquire about what she/he is curious for, learn, experiment, and who wants to contribute to production with the knowledge she/he has gained. In other words, a center for science, arts, education and production which is open all year round. We are ready to establish and carry on such a thing if only we had a village.

  • İLKYAR has been organizing ‘ Summer Science Schools ‘ for children from different villages all around Turkey for 19 years. This Summer Science School lasts for a week. Around 150 7th grade students and 40 teachers participate in this school. We have observed that after participating in this school these children’s motivation for education increases and their perspective developes a lot and eventualy they reach their goals in life.

  • Our village will be established on a 40 acres of land of which 11 000 m2 will be the construction site. In this village there will be dormitories, guest rooms, a cafeteria, a revire, rooms for workshops, classrooms, laboratories, conference rooms, a library, a museum, indoor and outdoor sports areas, a barn, a poultry house, fruit gardens, etc.. Of course it is not possible to do all these things at once however we wish to start as soon as we get our land.
  • We are planning to carry on our activities in our village all through Summer and during Winter when schools are closed. Our volunteer professors from Ankara, İstanbul and other cities who have been supporting us for years in our Summer Science School have promised to keep supporting in our village.
  • In addition, a fund formed by our friends who have professional experience in management has started to support us both in establishing and operating our village.
  • In the light of these developments, we would be grateful to see you with your support to realize our village of science and arts, which we have been working on for 4 years.