“Thank you for the pictures.  My dad would have been so happy to see the kids excited about all of the new books, and eager to read.  How wonderful that BTFprovides an opportunity for us to make things like this happen.  My contribution would not have made such an impact to a land I have such deep affection for without the hard work of BTF.”    
Fondly, N.E.
“Bize verdiğiniz desteğin bizim için anlamını ve önemini size anlatmamız imkansız. Her zaman minnettar olacağız. Herşey için çok teşekkürler…”   M. A. – Sınıf Öğretmeni, Çaldıran
M. A.
Sınıf Öğretmeni, Çaldıran
”Kurduğunuz köprü o kadar uzunduki ucu erzurumda sakalıkesik adında bir köyde okuyan çocukların yüreğine uzandı. Bu köprünün inşasında emek sarfeden herkese teşekkürler.”
Murat Öğretmen
“Çok çok teşekkürler bu resimleri paylaştığınız için ve ayrıca bu kadar çabuk onlara yardımı ulaştırdığınız için. Bu resimlerin beni ne kadar mutlu ettiğini tahmin edersiniz, biliyorum. Gözyaşlarımı tutamıyorum… İnşallah hep birlikte daha bir çok çocuğa destek olup, yüzlerini ve bahtlarını güldürürüz.”     
Sevgiler, İ.R.
“We are all delighted to be part of this effort, and help raise education funds for our girls and children.  I always say ‘education is the utmost opportunity anyone can/should have’.-
I want to applaud all of you at BTF who are doing a tremendous job with relentless hours on various projects with great missions… We know one life and one smile is worth a thousand words, and you are all making it happen!
Thank you, and look forward to driving more collaboration in the future!”    
Best, E.E.
“Bize verdiğiniz desteğin bizim için anlamını ve önemini size anlatmamız imkansız. Her zaman minnettar olacağız. Herşey için çok teşekkürler…”  
M. A.
Sınıf Öğretmeni, Çaldıran

I think that many people who help a charity organisation want to change the world… at least slightly… at least making someone’s life slightly better.

I believe in the power of good education, that develops your skills and creates interest in the subjects you are studying. Bridge To Turkiye is helping schools by providing them with new books and other materials for classes. The organisation also gives scholarships for gifted but poor students.

What makes this organisation special? When you are not rich and cannot give huge sums of money, it is always important to see that even a small donation matters and to see the direct result of your donation. Bridge To Turkiye has a Map4Good. On this map, you can see the schools and their needs (books, science sets, shoes & boots for kids, etc.), choose which school and which project you want to help, and donate.

I chose the project Books4Kids (Elementary) and a small school with 50 students at the Southern part of Turkiye. I read about the school and watched the photos. I was giving to this school little by little till they got the required sum. Some time after, I got the letter with the photos of happy children and (even happier) teachers, who got the books. It was one of the most rewarding moments in my life.

Now I chose another school and I hope that very soon they will have the full of money and I will get a new letter 🙂

If you want to make the world a slightly better place and the full clarity of your donation is crucial to you, feel free to donate to one of the projects of Bridge To Turkiye.


BTF is a wonderful non-profit that focuses on providing funds and opportunities to students living in rural Turkey, with a special emphasis on girls education. Over the last 15 years in US, across many cities and giving circles, BTF volunteers have provided awareness on critical social issues like child marriages and moved many young paths and changed their lives for a better future. I highly recommend BTF and encourage all American and Turkish friends to attend the events and support it’s purpose.
Yasemin İpek B.
BTF is an amazing organization that supports underserved students in Turkey. 100% of the proceeds go directly to support these students and everyone behind the operations at BTF is a volunteer. There are numerous programs to support – from donating to scholarships to helping provide laptops for students who are in the midst of remote learning. This is truly a labor of love and every penny goes to those who need it.
Bridge to Turkiye Fund (BTF) is an incredible, 100% volunteer-run, non-profit making a huge impact in the lives of children and youth, especially disadvantaged girls and young women in Turkey. I’m a proud BTF supporter of nearly a decade and currently serve on the Board of Directors. Our programs and scholarships enable and empower disadvantaged youth in Turkey to achieve their educational goals. As a Turkish-American living in the USA, I’m grateful that BTF gives me the opportunity to give back to my Turkish community in a meaningful way.
Michelle Drouse W.
Trust is hard to earn. But I have worked with them on many projects for the last 3 years. I have always been their supporters and will continue.
Ozkan Y.
This is a great cause. The kids especially girls in the rural areas in Turkey are so much in need of supplies for their education. These are bright kids with lots of potential. They have dreams but they do not know how to accomplish them. They are not as lucky as the kids in the other parts of the country. Bridge to Turkiye (BTF) provides these kids with lots of love and supplies in order for them to flourish. BTF gives them a future.
Arif Emre E.
Bridge To Turkiye won my heart with its mission in Turkey. This foundation gives scholarships to underprivileged and smart girls during their education. What a wonderful mission!
Açalya Hareen
This is one of my favorite charities. The group is all volunteer, so every dime goes to educating girls in Turkey who would otherwise not have the opportunity of a university education. The small grassroots organization has grown from a supporting a handful of girls in the beginning to supporting hundreds of girls every year. Many of the young women who have graduated through the program also benefit from the mentorship programs that have been established with members of the business and science community in Turkey. I suspect many of them will become the young leaders of tomorrow for the country.
BTF is established and run by smart, kind-hearted, and action-oriented people. These people create amazing projects to help impoverished children in Turkey in terms of reading, science, art, and providing educational supplies. As a volunteer and project leader, I was able to support existing projects and create my own. It inspires me and enable me to make an impact for five years.

Dear BTF Team,

It is my pleasure to inform you that ATA-DC Republic Day Committee has decided to present to the Bridge to Turkiye Fund a Community Service Award at the Republic Day Celebration on Saturday, October 29.

BTF is a unique grassroots organisation registered as an NGO in the US that efficiently mobilizes micro donations from the Turkish American Community towards educational projects in Turkey. ATA-DC admires the way BTF mobilizes and empowers the Turkish-American community across the US to use creative techniques and organize fundraising projects to support the education of underprivileged children in Turkey. While BTF relies on volunteers, it also teaches the community the value and virtue of volunteerism and giving in an organized way.

We would like to thank the entire BTF Family and acknowledge your extraordinary efforts for turning BTF into an example of a transparent and well-run grassroots organisation that inspires Turks, Americans, and peoples of other ethnicity alike.

Congratulations and regards,

Demet Cabbar
President, ATA-DC

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