Help the Child Amputee of Türkiye Eathquake

From Loss to Hope

On February 6, 2023, eleven provinces in Southern Türkiye were rocked by two massive earthquakes causing thousands of people to perish. Many more were left homeless, injured, and traumatized.

As earthquake relief efforts shift to longer lasting rebuild phase, a new fundraising initiative called Project CATE (Child Amputees of Türkiye Earthquake) has been launched, and it aims to bring a second lease on life to those kids affected by the earthquake. Medical Doctors on both ends of this humanitarian bridge (in the US and Türkiye) are working together to provide a long-lasting medical support system for these children. Turkish side of this initiative is known as Çocuk İyilik Merkezi Projesi (Children Wellness Center Project). Children Goodness Center Project will provide the medical services that these children need in Türkiye.

Çocuk İyilik Merkezi Projesi (Child Wellness Center Project) are doctor-led initiatives that aim to provide prosthetics, physical therapy and long-term education to amputee children. The overall objective is to help amputee children grow as functional adults and be part of society by building the infrastructure of social, psychological, and physical rehabilitation opportunities. This initiative will start by ensuring child amputees receive age-appropriate orthopedic aids such as orthoses and prostheses, physical therapy, and psychological support in tandem with their long-term education.

More information about “Children Goodness Center Project” and its project partners can be found at this Turkish Web Site:

We encourage Medical Doctors of Amputee Children to study this site and to help their patients by registering them for the long-term services provided by Children Goodness Center Project.

We also invite everyone to be a part of this important project by raising awareness in your communities.

Thanking you in advance for your efforts.