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Every contribution you make plays a crucial role, with 100% of your donations going directly towards the cause you select and furthering our mission to overcome various challenges facing children. Together, we’re paving the way for a brighter future in Türkiye.

As a Hope Pioneer with Bridge to Türkiye Fund, you join an esteemed group of monthly donors championing our key initiatives. With the freedom to choose your area of interest, we ensure you stay updated on how your regular support makes a difference. Select the cause that resonates with you, and we’ll provide regular updates on the impact your donations are making, both for your chosen issue and in broader efforts to uplift children, communities, and local organizations.



Empower underprivileged students with life-changing opportunities.


Support relief and recovery efforts for disaster survivors in Türkiye.


Make a lasting impact on the healthcare needs and wellbeing of children.


Numbers tell the story

Your monthly contributions serve as a vital support line, directly fueling the cause you care about most. These funds are entirely allocated to our programs, free of any overhead costs. This approach ensures a sustained and meaningful impact on the issues that resonate deeply with you.


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All of your donations are directly channeled towards supporting projects in Türkiye, with no overhead costs.

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We celebrate two decades of giving with the growing support of our volunteers and supporters.


We collaborate with carefully-vetted, trusted local partners all across Türkiye.

Students Assisted

We reach teachers and students in every corner of Türkiye.

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