BTF Director

Okan was born in 1973 in Diyarbakir, Turkiye. He graduated from TED Ankara Koleji in 1991 and earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics from Ankara University, Faculty Of Political Sciences. After graduating, Okan worked in various positions at several private banks for over 15 years. Since 2012, he has been working in the Fintech industry. In 2017, Okan moved to Ottawa, Canada with his wife Ozlem and their two children, Ali and Zeynep. There, he founded a cleantech company called Yubilly, which aims to reduce paper waste by promoting email receipts.

During the pandemic, Okan started volunteering for Bridge to Türkiye Fund (BTF), a charity organization dedicated to promoting education in Turkey. He is currently a member of the Finance and Outbound Committees. In 2023, Okan founded BTF-Canada and was appointed as its President. As the President, Okan is committed to advancing BTF’s mission of promoting education and creating opportunities for underprivileged children in Turkey.

E-Mail : okan@bridgetoturkiye.org