Today many families invest their savings in stocks, mutual funds and ETFs.  Donation of these securities to BTF decreases the “Effective cost of the gift” to the donor, while increasing the overall tax savings to the individual (by avoiding capital gains taxes in addition to receiving tax credits). Thus, donors can maximize their tax savings by donating appreciated stock rather than cash to BTF.

The federal and state income tax codes incentivize donors to make charitable gifts by providing tax credits. This benefit is further compounded by donation of appreciate stocks and employee match programs. Direct transfer of these assets to BTF can be accomplished without having to pay capital gains taxes.


Stock Transfer instructions to BTF

Please notify us by filling out BTF’s Stock Donation Form to provide your donation details.  After filling out this form, please direct your stock transfers from your brokerage account to:

DTC #0164     Code 40
For credit to account: 7525-9235
Bridge to Türkiye Fund account

If you have any questions, please email  us at