BTF Philanthropic Development Director

Sule Kivanc-Ancieta is a Vice President, and member of the Executive and Governance committees. She also serves as the chair of the Outbound Programs committee. Sule is the founding director of BTF in Chicago, a role she held until 2020 since joining BTF in 2014. She is also the founder and producer of “Cinema4aCause”, an umbrella giving program created to raise awareness on the issue of gender and education inequality in rural Türkiye through the lenses of relevant filmmaking in the region.

Moreover, she is the creator of several innovative donor-centric programs and vehicles designed to support and advance the organization’s long-term educational causes including Math4Kids, Science4Kids, Music4Kids, Gifts4Kids, Sports4Kids, Tablets4Kids, Laptop4Students, Science-Labs4Kids and Empowerment Scholarships, among others. Collectively, these innovative giving programs have rendered a sustainable funding stream to continue supporting the organization’s educational causes in Turkey on a consistent basis.

More recently, Sule has been instrumental in the implementation of global initiatives strategic to the organization’s long-term growth including bridging of organization’s SM platforms (FB, IG, & Linkedin) to leverage marketing outcomes; leading the organization of youth groups in the US and around the world to provide opportunities for volunteering and shape vision of life-long engagement to the social causes advocated by BTF; implementing DIP projects/programs to accept grants or gifts dedicated to different causes or passions; and providing operations and strategic leadership support to staff across the organization. Additionally, she has served as manager/coordinator of multiprong global fundraising campaigns for disaster relief in Türkiye.

Her work as a non-profit leader has been featured by newspapers and other media publications in the US and Türkiye. Beyond her role as a leader and mentor, Sule is a highly regarded educator with over 20+ years of experience educating youth in public and private schools in the US and Türkiye. She is the co-founder of the Science Olympiad club at Brooks Middle School. Her work as an educator has been repeatedly endorsed by parents and colleagues in her community for her ability to reach out to their students and make the process of learning math and science a rewarding experience for them. She is a graduate of Middle East Technical University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics. Sule lives with her husband Victor and son Lucas in the Greater Chicago Area.

E-Mail : sule@bridgetoturkiye.org