BTF works with various trusted partners to enable students with various development projects and enriching experiences.

CATE Project

As earthquake relief efforts shift to longer lasting rebuild phase, a new fundraising initiative called Project CATE (Child Amputees of Türkiye Earthquake) has been launched, and it aims to bring a second leaseon life to those kids affected by the earthquake. 

Bilimler Köyü Projects

The Sciences Village is a unique institution to give lectures to university and graduate students aimed to support scientific education, develop critical thinking skills, and to popularize the sciences.


East West Camp (Dogu Batı Kampı) brings together young people working in volunteer projects in İzmir. College students from different backgrounds experience living together, learning from each other, and transcending cultural and language barriers. Every year BTF provides Youth Leaders with Scholarships so that they can attend East West Camp in Turkey.

İLKYAR Projects

BTF has been collaborating with İLKYAR since 2003 to support their projects which include sending books to village schools and scholarships for Rural School Children. This year, BTF is also supporting their “Curious Ambassadors of Science Project”

1DİLEK Yetmez Projects

Dilek Livaneli is the first Turkish teacher to be selected among the top 50 teachers in the world. Dilek Livaneli was nominated for the 2015 Global Teacher Prize with the initiatives in education she created to change the lives of students in Kumkoy Primary School, Samsun. BTF is currently supporting her Educational Initiatives for Rural School Children.

Make A Wish - Türkiye Projects

Make A Wish-Tükiye is a nonprofit organization that grants the wishes of children with a critical illness between the ages of 2​1⁄2 and 18 years old. Every wish granted provides hope, strength and joy to a child and their family.

Nesin Math Village Projects

Nesin Mathematics Village (Matematik Köyü) is an educational and research institute devoted to mathematics, located in Şirince, Izmir. The Nesin Mathematics Village hosts various mathematical activities, mostly two-week summer courses for high school and college students. Every year BTF provides scholarships to 25 High School students to attend the Math Camp for two weeks.